Bartek Wilczynski

Bartek Wilczynski

Institute of Informatics, University of Warsaw, Poland @ Institute of Informatics, University of Warsaw, Poland

Integrating gene expression and chromatin structure for better models of gene regulation

We know that the the eukaryotic mRNA coding sequences reside on chromosomes inside a nucleus. Recent decades have brought us a wealth of information both on regulation of gene transcription as well as regulation of the chromatin state. However, usually these two issues are studied separately: either one is interested in particular chromatin effects or one studies transcription factor binding pertaining to a particular factor or a gene. Recently, due to the development of next-generation sequencing, we have seen a deluge of genomic data describing, transcription, protein binding, histone modification and (most recently) chromosomal contacts on a genome-wide scale for multiple cell types. In my talk I will discuss our recent efforts to computationally integrate these datasets and improve our understanding of regulatory processes.



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